State Requirements for Nutrition and Dietitian Fields


Florida Nutritionist Certification

The Dietetics and Nutrition Practice Council is responsible for licensing, monitoring, disciplining, and educating nutritionists in Florida. The Council also licenses and oversees the safe practice of dieticians and nutrition counselors as to ensure their competency.

Licensed nutritionists in Florida are licensed to provide:

Nutrition assessment: Involves evaluating the nutrition needs of individuals or groups; using data to determine their nutrient needs; and making appropriate nutrition recommendations

Nutrition counseling: Involves advising and assisting individuals or groups on appropriate nutrition intake through the integration of information gleaned from the nutrition assessment

Education and Experience Requirements for Nutritionists in Florida

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Individuals who want to learn how to become a nutritionist in Florida must ensure they meet minimum eligibility requirements, which include possessing a bachelor’s degree (minimally) with a major course of study in: dietetics, food management, human nutrition, or food and nutrition.

Candidates must also, upon the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree program from an accredited college or university, complete a course of supervised practice in nutrition that totals at least 900 hours. The pre-professional experience may be satisfied through the completion of an internship approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).

The 900 hours of pre-professional experience must include at least 200 hours of supervised practice in clinical nutrition, 200 hours of supervised practice in community nutrition, and 200 hours of supervised practice in food service systems management.

According to Florida Statutes, candidates must also complete a two-hour course related to the prevention of medical errors before they can become licensed to practice as a nutritionist in Florida.

Examination Requirements for Nutritionists in Florida

Candidates for nutritionist jobs in Florida must take and pass the Registration Examination for Dieticians through the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). To qualify to take the dietician examination, candidates must first have their application approved by the Dietetics and Nutrition practice Council. Upon approval of the application for examination, the CDR will contact the applicant with available examination dates and study materials. The examination fee of $125 must be paid directly to ACT (the Commission on Dietetics Registration’s testing agency).

Once the department receives the passing score from CDR, candidates can expect to receive their nutritionist license within two weeks.

Salary Figures for Nutritionists in Florida

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nutritionists in Florida, as of May 2013, earned an annual mean salary of $53,970. Florida ranked fifth among states with the highest employment level for nutritionists, behind only California, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Further, the Gainesville, Florida, metropolitan area ranked seventh among metropolitan areas in the U.S. with the highest concentration of jobs. Nutritionists in Gainesville, as of May 2013, earned an annual mean salary of $53,410.

Nutritionist License in Florida: The Application and Renewal Process

Individuals who want to become a nutritionist in Florida must:

  • Complete the Application for Licensure by Examination
  • Pay the application fee of $100 and the initial license fee of $175.00 (made payable to the Department of Health)
  • Provide the Council with official college/university transcripts (mailed directly from the university to the Council office)

The completed application and all supporting documentation must be submitted in the same envelope to:
Department of Health/Dietetics and Nutrition
P.O. Box 6330
Tallahassee, FL 32314

Online license renewals for nutritionists in Florida involve completing the online renewal process and paying the renewal fee of $105. Nutritionists in Florida must complete at least 30 continuing education hours during the biennial renewal period, 20 of which may be in home study hours. For the first-time renewal period, nutritionists must complete at least 2 hours in medical error training and 3 hours in HIV/AIDS training.

Nutrition Associations and Organizations in Florida

From networking and employment opportunities to a near-continuous source of professional development events, associations and organizations for nutritionists in Florida are commonplace for nutritionists interested in advancing their careers and stating abreast of the latest news in nutrition:

Florida Dietetics Association
Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


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