State Requirements for Nutrition and Dietitian Fields

Registered Dietitian Certification and LIcensure

Passing the CDR Examination for Registered Dietitians means that you are now a full-fledged, credentialed Registered Dietitian (RD). The next step is to apply for certification or licensure to legally work in your state, if your state’s laws require this. (A list of state laws on certification and/or licensure for Registered Dietitians is located here). All states except for the following seem to have some laws regulating the title, certification and/or licensure of Registered Dietitians in the state:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • New Jersey

Consult your state’s Board of Dietetic Practice for specific information on applying for licensure and/or certification to work as a Registered Dietitian in the state. A state licensure agency contact list may be found at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website. Typically, you will be required to either apply online or download an application form to submit to the state’s Board of Dietetic Practice, along with a specified application and/or licensure/certification fee.

View more information by selecting your state below:

Once you are licensed or certified to work as a Registered Dietitian in your state, you must maintain that status. Every state has its own renewal period and process, which includes continuing professional education (CPE) that you must complete during each licensure/certification period. A list of the CPE requirements for each state’s licensing or certification of Registered Dietitians may be found here.

Additionally, you must maintain your RD credential with the CDR. This credential renews on a five-year cycle. The CDR’s PDP Guide will help you to find applicable CPE and to develop a Professional Development Portfolio (PDP). In general, you are required to complete the following every five years:

  • Submit a Learning Plan through the CDR before participating in any CPE activities (instructions are found in the PDP Guide, accessible above)
  • Complete one CPE unit in Ethics
  • Complete at least 75 CPE units
  • Submit an Activity Log online through the CDR (instructions are detailed in the PDP Guide, accessible above)

CPE that is acceptable includes the normal expected courses, seminars and the like. In addition, some Registered Dietitians choose to become a Board Certified Specialist in certain areas through the CDR, which fulfills the entire CPE requirement for a five-year period. You may also elect to become certified in areas of dietary practice or nutrition, and these certifications may apply as CPE to the CDR. A list of such certifications is found in the PDP Guide above.

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